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Centralised. Accessible. Controlled.

Gain complete control over your document lifecycle with our easy to use, centralised and automated 'DocQment' system.

Do you find it difficult to manage and locate the most up-to-date policies and procedures within your organisation? Keeping documents organised, available and up-to-date can be a time-consuming challenge for many.  Most businesses generate a tremendous number of documents, and it is difficult to locate, update and distribute the ones you require. 

To address this issue, we created DocQment, our innovative documentation management solution that is available alongside our current GRC software or as a stand-alone product. DocQment provides organisations with a structured and streamlined method to easily manage documents in one centralised solution. 

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DocQment Main Features

Document Control Table
Provides the full history of each document, ensuring that all important details are easily available
Bulk Document Uploader  Removes the complexity and time associated with uploading large volumes of documents
Automated Document Numbering  Provides you with a consistent numbering convention
Ability to Tag Specific Regulations  Links policies to external websites, documents and references
Check-in & Check-out   Allows users to easily control the updating and editing process of documents
Automatic Review Cycles Automates the process of notifying the owner prior to a document review date and brings them through a structured review process
Document Archiving  Enables you to store and archive inactive or obsolete documents
Extensive Search Capabilities Allows end-users to easily retrieve documents in seconds

Maintain Complete Control Over Your Documentation


Organisations must adhere to the highest standards of document management and security to ensure their policies and procedures are up-to-date. 

ViClarity's DocQment includes document retention, role-based security and audit trails.  Built based on feedback from our clients and regulators alike, ViClarity's system will ensure the processes followed within the platform aligns your organisation with regulatory expectations. 

Don't settle for a manual process or a system that is difficult to manage. Speak to our team today about our easy-to-use document management system.

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