ViClarity plant over 400 native trees to improve Tralee

ViClarity plant over 400 native trees to improve Tralee’s biodiversity

March 26, 2024

On Monday 25th March, members of ViClarity participated in the planting of indigenous Hawthorn trees in Tralee, as part of our corporate social responsibility initiative. We are delighted to have contributed to the planting of more than 400 trees at Holy Family Primary School, which will enhance the biodiversity of the area in time to come.

By introducing these Hawthorn trees to the area, we are actively nurturing biodiversity and fostering environmental resilience. These trees serve as vital habitats for local wildlife, offering shelter, food, and breeding grounds for various species. 

Tralee Tidy Towns Chairperson, Brendan O Brien, expressed how they were “delighted to have the support of ViClarity today on this important project, helping the school community to take climate and biodiversity action simultaneously with the planting of a native Hawthorn hedge. We were delighted to collaborate with Holy Family Primary School, ViClarity, Trees on the Land who donated the trees and Green and Growing landscaping who provided the mulch for the trees”.

ViClarity’s CEO, Ogie Sheehy said “I am delighted that the ViClarity team was able to give back to the local community this morning by helping plant Hawthorn trees in Tralee. This greatly helps with the biodiversity of the local area and the sustainability of our environment, underpinning our commitment to our CSR values at ViClarity.”

Through initiatives like this, we strive to leave a lasting, positive impact on both the natural world and the communities we serve. 


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