The Central Bank Of Ireland's Outsourcing Register Deadline Is Fast Approaching

September 18, 2022

The deadline for regulated financial service providers (RFSPs) to submit their completed outsourcing register to the Central Bank Of Ireland (CBI) is fast approaching. Any RFSP with a PRISM rating of 'Medium Low' or above is required to submit their register by October 7th 2022, through the CBI's online reporting system.

Although the deadline is only set out for those with a 'Medium Low' or higher PRISM rating, it is suggested that all RFSPs prepare their outsourcing registers should the CBI request it. 

The CBI’s outsourcing guidance is designed to assist regulated firms in developing their outsourcing risk management framework to effectively identify, monitor and manage their outsourcing risk. The guidance also sets out the Central Bank’s expectations on governance and management of outsourcing risk, and highlights the responsibilities of the board of directors and senior management when outsourcing. 

Key Aspects To Consider From The CBI's Outsourcing Guidance

The outsourcing register is just one component of the overall guidance that firms need to stay ahead of. The graphic below highlights other key aspects of the guidance which firms should be aware of.


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