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The ViClarity team is dedicated to helping credit unions streamline their governance, risk and compliance (GRC) processes through automation and consulting services. We're pretty proud of what our clients are saying about us.

"ViClarity is all about simplicity. Their team makes things easy to understand; they avoid all the legal jargon that's so common in compliance. Regardless of the interaction, the team is quick to respond, easy to work with and they ask great questions of us."

-Lindsay Beaty, CEO, Lincoln County Credit Union

"We aspire to maximize our effectiveness and efficiency in compliance management, and the ViClarity consulting team clearly gets it. They never stick us in a box or run us through a formulaic implementation. They leverage both machine and human expertise to get us to our goals faster."

-Irene Shippee, VP Compliance, SESLOC Federal Credit Union

"Our [compliance] training experience with ViClarity was nothing less than spectacular! [The presenter] was fun, knowledgeable, a great pleasure to coordinate with. We were able to have a training catered to our exact needs. ViClarity did amazing following up with us, provided many options to customize our training needs and provided excellent training material to easily follow-along and for us to have information to take away from the training. We will continue to have ViClarity in mind for our training needs going forward."

-Taylor Litwiler, Compliance & Training Specialist, CENT Credit Union

"We can upload all our [vendor] documents, renewals, and contracts all in one spot, and have a better, clearer picture of who all is out there."

-Jeremy Smith, CEO, Affinity Credit Union

"One of the coolest things about using ViClarity is that there are so many reports and dashboards I can pull to show where we are at. It can really help me keep the plan and vision of our credit union at the forefront, and I don’t even have to do a lot - it’s so simple. I answer a few questions and it gives me great reports and visuals."

-Leslie Ramirez, CEO & President, Modesto's First Federal Credit Union

"The credit union team and our audit committee are really excited for the consistency we are going to be able to create and the accountability. We are really setting ourselves up to grow and elevate towards more success."

-Connie Roberto, Internal Auditor, Alta Vista Credit Union

"Our CFO loves the vendor management module, and we think vendors will, too. The first of our vendors to go through the full due diligence piece via ViClarity was really excited about it. They said the experience went smoothly and was very thorough."

-Lindsay Beaty, CEO, Lincoln County Credit Union

"Prior to ViClarity, we had separate nine-page workbooks for well over 100 vendors. With the help of ViClarity’s implementation and consulting teams, who were unfailingly patient, we combined our document collection and workbook questionnaires into one workflow. The opportunity for time savings, for both internal vendor managers and external partners, is a major win for us."

-Colleen Murphy, CEO, SESLOC Federal Credit Union

"I really enjoy working with ViClarity. I have really come to appreciate its efficiency and user-friendly interface. What's even more impressive, though, is the team backing up ViClarity's product; knowledgeable, helpful and friendly."

-VP Compliance & Vendor Management, California Credit Union

"Being able to reach out to ViClarity’s staff when I’m building a checklist or workflow addresses a significant pain point. It’s difficult, not to mention time-consuming, to digest a 1,000-page regulation and come away with a clear answer on exactly what’s required, let alone a best practice. We can read articles, but they don’t get as granular as we need. We can consult an attorney, but that can be costly. ViClarity AdVisor services are tailored right to what credit unions need, and they don’t come with a hefty price tag."

-Irene Shippee, VP Compliance, SESLOC Federal Credit Union

"The Numerica MarCom team considers ViClarity an extension of the team. We have really appreciated the fast turn-around for requests, as well as the educational value of the ViClarity feedback. They take the time to not only tell you what needs to be changed, but reference the rule or policy supporting the change - and often the why behind the suggestion as well. This type of feedback definitely helps equip the team for future tasks."

-Karen Weis, VP Legal/Compliance, Numerica Credit Union

"Prior to working with ViClarity, project timelines were at times delayed due to the sheer volume of compliance issues to consider. ViClarity has helped SSSCU with ensuring a culture of timely compliance."

-Scott Arkills, CEO, Silver State Schools Credit Union

"ViClarity helped by not only providing an answer, but providing supplemental readings that helped me become more knowledgeable. This helped to prepare me for any follow-up questions that I received from my colleagues."

-Compliance Officer, Edwards Federal Credit Union

"When scheduling and completing the audit process or any other process that we have with ViClarity, it has always been a pleasure and not a pain. Great teams to deal with on any level. They keep us in compliance and moving forward with confidence in our daily business lives."

-Linda Johnson, Vice President of Operations Administration, R.I.A. Federal Credit Union

"ViClarity not only has the risk and compliance consulting experience necessary to conduct GTE’s regulatory audits, their expertise and utmost professionalism ensure they run smoothly and efficiently."

-Marie Campbell, In-House Counsel, Vice President, GTE Financial

"The ViClarity Audit Team has been outstanding to work with. They have provided R.I.A. Federal Credit Union with feedback and review, ensuring we are in regulatory compliance."

-Shelley Groves, Vice President of Mortgage Lending, R.I.A. Federal Credit Union

"Working with ViClarity is always a pleasure. Quick response times, appropriate guidance, and a variety of services is what you can always expect. I look forward to working with the friendly and knowledgeable staff every year!"

-Silvia Sanchez, Senior Compliance & Risk Analyst, University Credit Union

"R.I.A. Federal Credit Union has years of experience working with ViClarity. Their audit process always exceeds our expectations and ensures we remain compliant with the most up-to-date regulatory requirements."

-Steve Ducey, Chief Experience Officer, R.I.A. Federal Credit Union

"We worked with ViClarity to conduct a website audit. Their experienced team made the process easy from start to finish. The audit was conducted remotely with an exit meeting that was both helpful and insightful. Their auditor worked collaboratively with us to ensure we understood any potential findings. We look forward to working with ViClarity again in the near future."

-Sandra Vaughan, Interim CEO/President, Collins Community Credit Union

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