GemCap Implement ViClarity To Automate CP86 Compliance Monitoring

June 25, 2021

Gemini Capital Management (Ireland) Ltd (GemCap), an innovative and approved UCITS Management Company (ManCo) have partnered with ViClarity to automate compliance to The Central Bank Of Ireland’s CP86 framework. GemCap, through its UCITS Umbrella, has attracted over €3 billion in assets from a range of different investment managers across 18 different sub-funds.

Published on December 19th 2016, CP86 addresses the effectiveness of Fund Management Companies (FMCs) with the objective to introduce initiatives “designed to underpin the achievement of substantive control by FMCs, acting on behalf of funds, over the activities of their delegates.”

Utilising ViClarity, GemCap will automate the collection and collation of compliance information across the six managerial functions of CP86. The ViClarity system will provide GemCap with real time reports, while removing the burden and chasing associated with gathering compliance data from internal sources and key delegates.

Conor Hoey, Managing Director of GemCap, commented:

“We were hugely impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm of the team at ViClarity.  Their solution will re-engineer our business to ensure even higher standards of reporting and oversight of our key delegates under CP86.  We’re also delighted to be working with an ambitious, growing Irish tech company.”

Neil O’Sullivan, Business Development Manager at ViClarity also commented on the development:

“We are excited to start working with Conor and the team at GemCap. We’ve seen a significant increase in interest from ManCo’s in the last year since the CBI published their Thematic Review. Culturally, our teams are very much aligned and I foresee a very successful partnership together.

About GemCap

In 2010 Gemini Investment Funds Plc (GIF plc) was launched as a Self-Managed Investment Company (SMIC) and has attracted over €3billion in assets from a range of different managers across 18 different funds. In March 2017, Gemini Investment Funds plc changed its name to GemCap Investment Funds (Ireland) plc.

GIF an investment company with variable capital and limited liability under the laws of Ireland and an umbrella fund with segregated liability between sub-funds. GIF plc. is authorised in Ireland by the Central Bank of Ireland (the “CBI”) pursuant to the European Communities (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) Regulations 2011, as amended.

Gemini Capital Management (Ireland) Ltd (GemCap) is incorporated in Ireland and approved as a UCITS Management Company (ManCo) by the CBI.

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