Case Study: Acorn Life utilises ViClarity for Risk Management Processes

March 8, 2023



About Acorn Life

Acorn Life offers Protection, Savings, Pensions and Investment products specifically designed for the Irish market. Since 2018, Acorn life have been managing their risk management processes with ViClarity. Like many risk teams, they were faced with an excessive administrative burden as they tried to capture and collate risk metrics on a mixture of multiple spreadsheets and shared word documents. Implementing technology to manage their processes has made their risk process easier and more accessible to data. 

Read how users at Acorn Life utilise one of ViClarity's core solution's. This case study gives insight on: 

  • Time spent on risk management tasks is reduced
  • Embracing technology to drive focus on strategic matters
  • Enabling a risk focused culture within an organisation

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