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Understanding and Complying With The Charities Governance Code

January 4, 2021

From 2021, all registered charities in Ireland will be expected to comply with The Charities Governance Code, with regulators inspecting and publicly displaying whether charities are compliant or not. The code sets out the minimum standards that charities must meet in order to be effectively managed. There are 6 principles that make up the code, these include:

  1. Advancing charitable purpose
  2. Behaving with integrity
  3. Leading people
  4. Exercising control
  5. Working effectively
  6. Being accountable

At a minimum, these principles and their core standards must be complied with and each charity can decide for itself whether it needs to meet additional standards. Many factors can influence this decision, such as income and number of employees.

The charity’s trustees are responsible for ensuring the organisation is compliant with these regulations, and by law the charity trustees have individual and joint responsibility of what happens within their charity.

Charities are required to submit an annual report, in which they will have to declare its compliance. The charity must complete a Compliance Record Form every year, which charity regulators may ask for at any time.

How ViClarity Can Help

We have recently released a new technology solution to help charities automate their compliance to the Charities Governance Code. The solution breaks the Code down by its principles and allows charities to self-assess their compliance levels to each principal. The tool captures and displays compliance in real-time for trustees to view and allows them to create corrective action plans and track them until closure on the software. Outside of this, ViClarity is also helping numerous charities with areas such as Risk Management, Policy Management, Incidents/Complaints and many other automated solutions.





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