Automate Audit and Compliance Oversight With ViClarity’s Quality Management Software for Nursing and Care Homes

With automation and one centralised platform, ViClarity helps long term care facilities oversee audit, risk and compliance programs using powerful real-time views.

Long term care facilities have a wide scope of reach, and overseeing risk and compliance in multiple locations or units can provide for a high level of complexity. With ViClarity, you can gain a comprehensive view of all areas of oversight in minutes. Our nursing home software allows groups to see real time data from all their homes in a centralised location. 

Many facilities are still relying on manual-based processes and outdated tools such as spreadsheets to manage quality processes. Manual processes not only take longer, but they represent an increased risk for human error and reliance on specific employees who have been trained in the unique process.

Now is the time to automate and reduce your organisation’s reliance on manual processes, freeing up staff to shift their focus on patient care.