Risk 101 Webinars

Risk 101 Webinar Series

July 29, 2022

ViClarity and the California Credit Union League teamed up to present a must-see webinar series for any risk and compliance professional. In these webinars, we considered the key steps in assessing, mitigating and monitoring risk at a credit union. 

What Great Leaders Need to Know about Managing Risk - Part 1 (April 7, 2022)

In this webinar we cover important topics like:

  • Essential building blocks of a risk framework 
  • Key risk categories from the NCUA 
  • Critical risks to consider at your credit union


Managing Risk at Your Credit Union (June 23, 2022)

In this session ViClarity leaders discuss risk scoring, mitigating actions and controls that can be applied in your credit union. Key takeaways include:

  • An understanding of the core components of a risk cycle
  • Best practices to illustrate how managing individual risks fits into your overall risk framework
  • Identifying relevant risk information for the board
  • How to use technology and automation to avoid gaps in your risk management process



What Great Leaders Need to Know About Managing Risk - Part 2 (July 26, 2022)

The second part of "What Great Leaders Need to Know About Managing Risk" covers how your risk framework assesses, measures, monitors and mitigates risk through the incorporation of internal audits, policies, and compliance. It also includes an update on NCUA key risk categories and emerging risks.



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