Managing Third-Party Risk With an Efficient Vendor Mana

Webinar: Managing Third-Party Risk With an Efficient Vendor Management Process

July 12, 2023

Credit unions rely heavily on third-party vendors to help keep their institutions operating smoothly day to day. Managing these relationships and the related due diligence, oversight and compliance obligations can be a huge undertaking. Watch this 40-minute webinar featuring ViClarity team members Carrie Helmle, Jovilyn Herrick, and Mark Boehm and a credit union EVP, Angie Gingery, to learn some vendor management best practices and key considerations for navigating this important part of your business.

The conversation covers:

  • NCUA supervisory expectations for vendor due diligence processes
  • Common audit findings, including non-compliance with consumer protection regulations
  • The risks associated with a disorganized vendor management process
  • One credit union's approach to achieving efficiency and oversight

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