Take the Hassle Out of Vendor Management 

At ViClarity, we've worked with credit unions from our very start. Our platform streamlines processes, so you can stay focused on your mission of improving the financial wellbeing of members and communities. One of our most popular solutions helps credit unions to easily evaluate, monitor, collaborate with and report on vendors with ease to save teams time and energy.  

Many credit unions have a vendor management program in place, but most aren't equipped with the right tools to conduct continuous due diligence or complete timely contract renewals. Wouldn't you like to stay on top of all your vendor relationships, be confident in your compliance, and mitigate third-party risk? 

Partnering with ViClarity can bring you that peace of mind through benefits like: 

Consistent Evaluations
Ensure all vendors are asked the same questions, rated on the same scale and assigned the correct rating based on their answers. Track, compare, analyze, and identify trends and issues. 
Enhanced Oversight
Housing all required info, like vendor contracts and evaluations, in one location improves oversight and decision-making efficiency. 
Robust Evidence Trail
Easily upload vendor documents and reviews; use workflows to track action steps. Trace files and activities to ensure accuracy, enhance accountability, and confirm consistency.
Easy Collaboration
Never lose data and view activity across your organization in real-time with a cloud-based, secure platform that makes it easy for you to work with colleagues and vendors simultaneously. 

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