Changing the Way Credit Unions Manage Risk

At ViClarity, we've worked with credit unions from our very start. Our platform streamlines processes, so you can stay focused on your mission of improving the financial wellbeing of members and communities. One of our most powerful solutions helps credit unions to easily identify, monitor, analyze and report on risk - whether you have a well-defined but cumbersome program or are just getting started

Most credit unions know risk management is a critical component of success, but many aren't equipped with the tools, time, policies or procedures to handle it. Wouldn’t you like to cut down on manual administration and know you are doing everything you can to manage organizational and regulatory risks?

Partnering with ViClarity can bring you that peace of mind through risk management benefits like:

Enhanced Decision-Making
Automate the scoring and review of risks and easily identify key issues to effectively prioritize, plan and enact response strategies.
Operational Efficiency
Manage and test risk controls periodically with automation to reduce the time and cost associated with the administrative side of risk management.
Central Location
With all data and reports in one platform, your team can quickly manage and respond to emerging issues. 
Dynamic Reporting
Log events that could impact risk and generate dynamic reports and dashboards for management, board members or regulators. 

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