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ViClarity Provides Insurance Agents Free Tool to Quickly Identify Business Continuity Planning Gaps

September 21, 2020

Sept. 21, 2020 – Just days into the U.S. coronavirus outbreak, the ViClarity team began to hear from business leaders who were concerned their contingency plans had not been built for the unprecedented crisis ahead. In response, ViClarity mobilized the firm’s international team of insurance compliance experts and technologists to create an online self-assessment tool to very quickly identify problematic BCP gaps and offer guidance on easy-to-implement fixes.

This month, the tool became available as an exclusive benefit to members of the Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa (IIAI). Members must sign up for the tool before Oct. 15, 2020. Contact the IIAI to learn more.

The ViClarity BCP assessment takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete and provides quick tips throughout the experience. At the end of the assessment, users receive a color-coded report with red, yellow and green (RYG) highlights to signify their business’s level of competency in various aspects of BCP.  

According to IIAI CEO Tom O’Meara, the assessment is part of the association’s commitment to providing relevant resources to its 600 members, which currently represent 92 percent of Iowa’s independent insurance agencies. “IIAI strives to be a reliable source for knowledge and growth for our members,” he said. “Just as our leadership was challenged to reevaluate continuity of services during COVID-19, we are encouraging our members to do the same. Our partnership with ViClarity substantially simplifies the process for our members thanks to the self-assessment tool provided by ViClarity.”

The BCP self-assessment is a scaled down version of the full-service ViClarity platform that allows users to identify, score and monitor a comprehensive set of audit, risk and compliance issues. Earlier this year, the platform was named Operational Risk Solution of the Year by InsuranceERM Americas. Even though each user’s experience is fully customized to their business’s individual needs, the ViClarity onboarding process is quick for all users, ideal for the fast pace at which all audit, risk and compliance pros are moving amid the continued complications from COVID-19.

“Expertly developed BCP strategy addresses Black Swan events like the novel coronavirus,” said ViClarity Global CEO Miriam De Dios Woodward. “There’s no reason independent agents should not have access to advanced BCP capabilities to future-proof their businesses. For leaders who need to quickly identify gaps within their existing business continuity plan, or for those who plan to enhance their plan once the pandemic storm quiets, ViClarity will be among their most dependable resources.”


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