Clark County Credit Union

Clark County Credit Union (CCCU) implement ViClarity’s GRC platform

September 7, 2022

Clark County Credit Union (CCCU) has selected ViClarity’s GRC platform to automate risk and compliance management processes within the organization. ViClarity is providing the perfect blend of technology and consulting solutions to help the team at CCCU stay on top risk and compliance obligations while reducing the time spent on manual tasks. The new journey will enable them to automate all components of their risk framework, including risk registers, risk controls, key risk indicators, and risk events, along with all compliance processes on one central platform.

About Clark County Credit Union (CCCU)

CCCU is a solid financial cooperative with over 47,000 members and over $1 billion in assets. Since 1951, they have been helping members to save more money and time. Their mission is to help their members realize their financial goals and dreams.

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